Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Theres a first time for everything !

Hellooooo :) So hence the title, this is a offical first *woop woop* entry into the misty & magical blogosphere! (yes i have picked up on the lingo from endless hours of blog-crawling..)
Moi ?A seventeen year old hijabi , living in London, and in my second and with any luck, last year of college!

So this blog is pretty non-specific at the moment and after coming to the conclusion with my best friend that we spend a hell of a lotta time doing NOTHING and that we would probably win first prize, medals, trophies and the world championship, in procrastination, we thought *light bulb*

why not dedicate a blog to the randomness we think of, come across or talk about- to the big wide internet world, share some bits and bobs and barbaras, and basically babble on to whoever will listen haha :)

So hope you enjoy it, woohoooo until next time,



I'm Not Obsessed said...

Awwww Great Stuff (Thumbs Up)

Nadia said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! :)

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