Sunday, 21 November 2010

Smoky Not Smudgy 2010 !

Hello to whoever may be reading! (Tumbleweed rolls by) :]

So this post is (extremely) fashionably late, see what i did there. but i finally get a chance to write a bit about it :]
It was my first time going to SnS on the 6th November- but i will definitely be going back next year, it was faaaaaab. Gorgeous stalls with scarves, jewellery, the cutest accesories, bags, makeup masterclasses, henna, ohh the list could go on forever. If i wasnt so hopelessly broke on the day, i would have left with a lot of bags, but hey, better luck next time Eman...

a picture of a picture is always fun.
The fashion show was the main event for my best friend and I and we were definitely not dissapointed! We got front row previews from the coolest new designers. Among them, Morrocan Kaftans, which had the most beautiful gowns with intricate designs that instantly made me think -perfect wedding outfit- or Arabian nights lol. Elenany is just COOL, no other word to describe it. Islamic calligraphy is intertwined with an urban look, and since i saw some of her loose black trousers modelled at the show, I cannot stop thinking I need them in my life! Our absolute favourite by far, had to be Maysaa, by the wonderful Hana from Style Covered . Since Gill introduced me to her amazing blog about a year ago, I have been avidly reading ever since, so you can imagine my excitement when I got to see her new line, AND... wait for it, meet her after the show! It just so happens it was my 18th birthday on the day, so this had to be the coolest way to kick off my weekend and although we were super shy, it was really lovely to meet someone as inspirational as Hana, shes definitely a role model, muslim or non muslim so do check out her blog ! Maysaa is just beautiful, clean cut tailoring, and modest designs, definitely worth a visit too!

us & Hana ! *excited squeals*

I've probably babbled enough for now, so peaaaaace, lurve & cupcakes   <3




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